Self Defense Works to Prevent Sexual Assault

Samantha Krop and I co-direct Warrior Sisters Society, a nonprofit dedicated to providing free self defense training, materials, and advocacy to women in need.

This morning, Sam and I presented testimony to the University of Oregon’s President’s Review Panel on Preventing and Responding to Sexual Assault. We emphasized the necessity of training women in physical self-defense tactics, and we received a hugely positive response from University officials, members of the review panel, media, and community members.

Please consider submitting a comment to the review panel in support of Warrior Sister Society and self-defense training more broadly. After the most recent high-profile incidence of sexual assault and blatant rape culture on U of O’s campus, it’s essential that the University take real action to prevent sexual assault. We must encourage the university to fund and implement free self defense training for all women who study at U of O.



One thought on “Self Defense Works to Prevent Sexual Assault

  1. muse sick (sic)

    although I’m not against self-defence classes for women, I wonder if the usual model of self-defense classes prioritizes a specific sort of “self-defence” that confirms/assumes the mainstream myth of rape being along the lines of “strange dude jumping out of bushes at 2am.”

    What would self-defence classes look like that took into account that this model is a bit of a myth? The vast majority of rapes are committed not by strangers in dark alleys but by people women know and trust. Also many many rapes are not violent, or not violent in the way that self defence classes normally are set up to combat. In other words, it isn’t always or even most of the time someone jumping on or beating up women, but–again– people women trust slowly and manipulatively breaking their boundaries and manipulating the situation in order to make rape possible without gross physical violence?

    I’m NOT saying that the traditional sort of self-defence is useless to women. I think women could definitely benefit from it. But I also think a feminist-informed self-defence model would need to take into account what we know about rape, which includes that many many rapes are not the sort that normal self defence models will help protect against. Is the Warrior Sisters Society taking any steps to incorporate these feminist insights into rape into their self defence classes?


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