Eugene Take Back The Night Unsafe for Feminists

Here are some more details about what happened on Thursday:

“During the opening rally of Eugene’s 2014 Take Back the Night, two female survivors of sexual assault were kicked out by student security simply because of their radical feminist politics. Both women are volunteers for a local self defense nonprofit that provides free life saving trainings to women.
The student security members approached the two women and told them that some people (unknown to the women) felt threatened by the radical feminist politics represented by their group, and for this reason, told the women to leave. The women protested, pointing out that their behavior at the march was in keeping with the safe space policies of the University, that they had not yet even spoken to anyone else at the march, and that political differences are not justification for banishing people from public space or public events. However, the student security members made it clear that they would not take no for an answer, and continued pressuring and harassing the women until they were too uncomfortable to stay.

The nonprofit, Warrior Sisters Society, caters to the needs of women who are survivors of trauma, trafficking, and poverty, and provides training to a wide and growing variety of groups, including co-ed high school classes and homeless women. All trainings and materials are provided free of charge, and the group is the only nonprofit of its kind in the Eugene area. The two women were called exclusionary and unsafe because, among its other services, Warrior Sisters offers female only trainings which provide safe space for survivors who are triggered by physical contact with male bodied people. It was articulated to them that the act of excluding male bodied individuals from female only space made them threats to the identities and safety of participant at the march.

When asked for comment, the march coordinator apologized for the behavior of student security. One of the women kicked out is a graduate student at the University of Oregon, the campus venue for this year’s rally, and was also a volunteer for the Take Back the Night organizing committee. She was volunteering to take photos at the march, but was told that her documentation of the event was unsafe for others and was forced to leave without completing her shift.

Please call the Dean of Students office at (541) 346-3216, email, and comment on the TBTN facebook here let them know that this violation of student rights and suppression of women’s rights has occurred.”


4 thoughts on “Eugene Take Back The Night Unsafe for Feminists

  1. Susan B Journey

    I am so offended that this happened. I am one of the original organizers of TBTN in Eugene and prioritizing males over females is NOT what the event is supposed to be about. Of course we need female-only self-defense classes. Of course we need women-only events which are not appropriate for male transwomen or any other males. Of course feminism is about ending the patriarchal oppression of women, not about the fee-fees of some gender-sick dudes. I’m deeply offended as an Oregon alumna that this kind of crap is going on at U of O.

  2. privilegedenyingtranny

    Reblogged this on Privilege Denying Tranny and commented:
    This is amazing. Men dictating to women if they can come to an event that’s about women and rape. The women who were asked to leave are doing more for women than any trans/lib fem will ever do. Asking women to leave an event while they are peaceably standing their because their mere presence is considered “hostile” or some such shit is so telling about trans privilege. They can have women removed from events. Could you ever, EVER imagine a situation where the situation was reversed? Could you ever imagine a man or a trans (w0)man being asked to leave an event because they made a woman feel uncomfortable because of something he said/did/politics? HELL FUCKIN NO. The tranny would kick up such a fuss and the internet would melt down with calls of ‘twanzphobia’ etc. That’s why people like this dude are allowed, not only to write for but, RUN “feminist” blogs and spaces.

  3. Henke

    This is so disturbing don’t know what to say.
    I’m pretty sure some white males and their allies, most probably from anarchists circles, are sitting feeling very good about themselves some place now because they managed to get two women kicked out from an event that IS for women.


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