So much for inclusivity.

I and another woman just got bullied into leaving a Take Back the Night march by student security because we believe female people are a distinct social class with unique experiences and modes of exploitation, and that as a distinct class, female people have the right to organize and meet autonomously. We spoke to no one, my friend is a student (and another survivor) at the University where the march was held, and we simply carried a sign that said “ask us about free women’s self-defense.” We were told we “make the space unsafe” because we participate in women centered and women run self defense. Well let me tell you, there are some people who I sure as hell want to feel unsafe in my presence – rapists and abusers, 99.7% of which are male. They – and the male supremacy they thrive within- are the ones who won tonight.

More details to follow soon.  In the meantime please call the Dean of Students office at (541) 346-3216 to let them know that this violation of student rights and suppression of  women’s rights has occurred.


6 thoughts on “So much for inclusivity.

  1. Cathy Brennan

    I am sorry this happened to you. I have been twice confronted in queer/gay space because the people confronting me claimed my “views made the space unsafe.” This is a dangerous development. It’s not just our woman-centered analysis that is “hate speech” now – it is us.

  2. anon

    I recently attended a Take Back The Night march and after the march a survivor’s speak-out (open to the public) was held in an art gallery room in which students would talk about their experiences in front of the sizable crowd [I will not be relating any confidential information of who spoke about their survival or what they said]. After many brave survivors shared their stories, a male student walked to the front of the room. He stated that he was not a survivor but had in the past been as characterized by people as “rapey”; he proceeded to complain about the stigmatization of “aggressive” men like himself, and attempted to make the overall point that women should be “more vocal about their intentions” as a remedy to the issue of rape. (he left a few minutes after his disgusting speech; I interrupted/heckled him a few times from the back — he knew what he was saying was wrong). Other men in the room proceeded to defend him, even thanked him for his contribution. The man who got up next and thanked(!!) him, saying he “brought up a good point” about men’s behavior being learned (I think he was being charitable), is an intern at a sexual assault prevention program at my school.

    I later learned from an organizer that this sociopath was only there to try to impress her for sex. I wonder what the intern would say if he learned this (I have never seen him at a meeting of the women’s organization).

    This man and the men who supported him are the people who made that space unsafe. He was not asked to leave. I am not saying that this was a mistake of the organizers, but rather that asking him to leave would have probably been met with refusal, accusation of bigotry, or violence. Of course he wasn’t asked. Thankfully enough he left on his own.

    Men make spaces unsafe. I’m male and I recognize this. Women-only spaces are critical and radical. It is only natural that women would be bullied for knowing this.

  3. ramada luvsick

    wow, that sucks, im learning self defense, Im the only woman in a 30 men class, as a survivor I do get triggered, but I know this is important for me to learn…One has to wonder though, u know, how come so many men want to learn ” self defense”? what is it they want to defend themselves of? some of this dudes are huge, so i mean, really, I would guess they are there mostly to learn to submit someone and guess who they are going to be dominating? yes untrained women, this is disturbing beyond words, and women dont want to go to this classes because they are full of men !! self defense just for women would be amazing !!

    1. Henke

      Many men takes such classes to learn to fight better, it is not that unusual or they begin to train MMA for a couple of years to become really insane out on the streets.
      A few of us are on the other hand taking such classes to hopefully be able to somewhat defend from the very men that also takes such classes to use it to hurt others.


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