RadFem Riseup!

Despite hundreds of threats of death and violence directed at women and at the venue staff, the RadFem Riseup conference IS GOING FORWARD.  We are having a great time with some wonderful women, gearing up for a day of presentations and strategy tomorrow.  For every threat of violence we receive, another woman wakes up to the reality of the situation.  Every death threat strengthens our resolve.  We will not be prevented from meeting.  We will not be prevented from organizing.  We will not be prevented from rising up.

9 thoughts on “RadFem Riseup!

  1. Mike T

    You have the support of your male allies in the northeast. Let us know how we can assist you from beyond the radfem conference. We can be mobilized fairly quickly . Good luck, be in touch.

    1. rachelivey

      Thank you Mike. Signal boost is probably the most helpful thing right now. See you at the gathering.

  2. rubyfruit2

    Sisterhood and solidarity from someone who was an attendee of radfem12 and an organiser of radfem2013 in the UK. It is absolutely ridiculous that those who oppose women meeting together to discuss male violence are using Conway Hall, the original venue of radfem12, as a reason to oppose radical feminists in Canada. Thin ice comes to mind. Lies are built upon lies. You have to be pretty desperate to (wrongly) point to legislation in another country in an attempt to shut down women’s voices. Conway Hall was in the wrong. Legally and morally and this was proved, without doubt, by the legal advice we received and by a council, in the same borough, providing a large venue for radical feminists to meet in 2013, having carefully considered all factors, including their legal position.

    The lies, smears, attacks and the misuse (ironically) of equalities laws and statements, make us even more determined to meet to tell our truths.

    I really wish I could be with you. I am there in sisterhood.

    A group of radfem activists took this action on the eve of radfem2013 and read a “Rights of Women” statement for you, for us, for all women everywhere who simply want to carve political space for ourselves


  3. H.

    I truly feel saddened that some of you are facing threats and violence. No matter who you are, I don’t support violence forced into your lives. However, I hope you can at sometime, in some ways, understand how your commentary about trans* people and thus 2-Spirited peoples harms our communities. These communities may not be your feminist communities, but they are ours. We love these people, we learn from them, we are inspired by them, and together we share pain, healing, support and care in our daily lives. Denying their identity, their experiences and their participation in feminist issues, expressions and experiences is not something many of us will ever agree to.

    1. sipiy

      I am First Nations. It enrages me when white people appropriate (STEAL) native culture, which is what trans* do with two-spirit. But every time trans do this, they show their ignorance, their women hate, sex class privilege, racism and entitlement to oppress us and tell us (native, female, of colour, disabled) that we are the problem. And those of you who support them without thought: you too, are racist, bigoted misogynists. Even if you are female. You carry water for your own oppression. This revolution requires some thought. You’re not going to be able to twitter it in.

      Toward an End to Appropriation of Indigenous “Two Spirit” People in Trans Politics: the Relationship Between Third Gender Roles and Patriarchy


    2. sipiy

      Black Americans would never say anything so moronic about racist white oppressors as “we learn from them, we are inspired by them, and together we share pain, healing, support and care in our daily lives.”

      You’re Stockholmed.

      Stereotype is not identity.

  4. Jennie

    I am shocked and saddened by the fact that trans people would and have gone this far to try and screw up our extremely important movement. Hey-they have the right to organize and start their own movement-why try and hurt ours? This behaviour from trans people confirms my thoughts that they really don’t like women. Sad but true. I can imagine men trying to ruin a female-only space..Women don’t go and ruin men’s meetings! Same old patriarchal shit. And women recieving death threats and harrassment? Pitiful. Men and trannies do this because they KNOW deep down inside that us Radfems are saying and doing is right. They are very threatened by us having women only meetings because we are threatening their precious patriarchy. I saw more power to my sisters in our worthy cause and never give up!


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